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Video production

The main purpose of a video production company or agency is to create videos for the marketing of products or services. The content of the video may include ads, corporate videos, training videos, etc. Video production also creates films, dramas, and documentaries. Video production companies have skilled employees which are specialized in any aspect of filmmaking. They are experts and thoroughly examine the process which includes the making and editing. The HA productions also provide these services with highly skilled employees.

Things video production companies do

The video production company not only creates the videos but also does other related activities. The following are the activities done by VPC:

Script making

Selecting the location for the shoot

Auditions for the actors

Create and select the wardrobe

Coordinating with the client

Video recording

Video editing

Create animations

Mix all the edited pieces

Posting content on TV or social media

Explaining The Process of Video Production

We will briefly discuss the steps involved in the process of video production.

Pre productions

The VPC usually starts with the pre-productions which involve the planning. What will be the concept of the ad or video is discussed and decided in this step. This stage is crucial to determine the success of the video. The pre-production includes the following things:

  • Meeting with clients to discuss the video and what are their expectations.
  • The next step is to do research according to the demands of the client and market trends. In the research stage, we get information about the product or service. The videos of the competitors are also analyzed to make the best one.
  • The storyboarding is the next step which involves the planning of shots. The actors, camera angles, and flow are decided in this phase.
  • The scripting involves the selection of voice for the video, dialogues, etc.
  • Choosing a suitable location for the shoot is important. It should be selected on the basis of the budget.


After the pre-production, the process of production starts. Various equipment and techniques are used to make videos. The equipment includes lights, cameras, and other supporting stuff or products. The process of filming may take several days or weeks depending upon the complexity or length of the videos. The clients may communicate the idea, they like to add to the film.

Post Production

The post-production involves analyzing the video and compiling all of these into a single film. After the post-production process, the videos are aired on TV or social media. Following are the steps involved in the post-production process.

  • The editing of the recorded video is done in this phase. The graphics, subtitles, and animation are added.
  • Sound mixing involves layering audio in the video. The sound effects are added to the video.
  • Distribution is the broadcasting of the video or film on TV and other media channels.


Video production is a complex process and involves a number of steps. Preproduction, production, and postproduction are the main steps. We discuss each step with the client and create the content according to demand and market trends.

HA productions is a leading video-making and production company. You can contact us for the prodution.

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