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You must be visiting this page to get the answer to What is animation? If we say that animation is the most amazing invention of the modern era it would not be wrong. Let us first define animation.


In animation, a static or still object is manipulated in such a way that it appears as moving. In ancient times, animations were made through paintings but nowadays computerized technology is used to create such effects.

Types of animation

There are different types of animations that will be discussed here.

Traditional animation

This is one of the oldest types of animation. The animator draws the picture on a piece of paper which is photocopied on the acetate sheet. Paint is applied on each cell which creates the effect.

2D animation

The 2D animation is used to create a moving effect in the two-dimensional area.

3D animation

The 3D animation is used to create a moving effect in the three-dimensional area. There is special software used for this purpose.

Stop motion

The stop motion animation is used to create the moving effect by capturing a single frame at a time. Props or objects are moved between the frames.

Motion graphics

Motion graphics use text to communicate or spread the message. The graphic is moved in an impactful way to create the effect.


The experts who animate the objects are called animators. They create videos, images, and special effects for ads, movies, dramas, etc.


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